Lesson Plans for All Ages!

My passion and specialty are in technology. I have numerous interactive and engaging lesson plans for the below subjects. They can be customized depending on your needs and grade levels. Please reach out to me to get more information. You can also click on an image for a video preview.

Virtual Reality

Custom lesson plans in virtual reality for students grade 3-12. I use Google cardboard which is affordable and available for android and iPhone devices. Lessons will include a fully functioning game that students can download on their own device and take home!  Inquire for more information.

3D Game Development

Students in grades 2-12 will learn how to create a 3D environment, character, and basic coding in C# to create a 3D game. Students can use these skills to continue their education and create their own games for android and IOS.


Your students will learn how to create their very own website from scratch using HTML and CSS. Great for grades 2 to 8


Students will learn how to customize 3D characters and create movement, animation, and sounds that can be used for short films or video games. 

Stop Animation

Using legos or clay, I will teach students how to create stop-animation films. Fun for grades K-5.


Scratch is a wonderful platform created by MIT which is user-friendly for children as young as 5! I will use the scratch program to teach students how to use code to build and publish 2D games. 


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